3 months ago

Killi is gone!

Due to real life depression problems and some second life problems, I have partially quit second life for the time being. I have lost the joy and fun of being online and really don't have anyone to share my experiences with making it more just a chore than fun anymore.

If you see me online I will be paying my rent or dealing with customers. This is the end of life for product updates unless something is broken and there shall be no more new products coming from the [Killi's] brand.

I wish you guys all the best and thanks for ten awesome years!
Killi x


Babypoopie: Hello. Does this mean all the new theme's we create won't ever go public, since they require admin approval?2 months ago

Saiyo (Flutterbat): aww! :( I'm sad because I liked your stuff.2 months ago

Goober (Pandarania): Are comment posting?2 months ago