2 years ago

SURPRISE! Diapers & Themes

I have been frantically coding away for the last two weeks to release my collaboration project with [Keiki Korner] to launch our range of diaper themes based on the same system you know and love for the [Killi's] Web Pacifier but now for your butt!


Submit, Like, Share and even create your own themes just like with the web pacifier! At current the diaper only fits Bad Seed Bebe Body but still I highly recommend buying [Keiki Korner] Diaper if you have the new Bad Seed Bebe Body as it just adds to the cuteness of an amazing built body!


This too is a good time to talk about the bebe body as it looks like many people are jumping to it and others are asking questions.

Bebe body is infancy :D but it has had an awesome launch and works well with all my mesh heads, the HUD is gosh dang slow as heck but only have to use once in a while. There is not at current many clothes even more so if your a boy but this is just normal for anybody now I guess (BOYS RULE!) but would recommend visiting [Bucks & Does] store as they have some awesome clothes out already for bebe body (As seen in the photo)

We now also have a whole new part of the site dedicated the diaper and it's themed around Keiki Korner colors and if you have not noticed the site has changed colors with a new logo and everything. ♥

I await some awesome themes for both pacifier and diaper, I will also be making my own too but I need a break for now.