2 years ago

Ooo what is that? Beta Pacifier & BoOgErs!

Some People that are logging on with the web pacifier should start seeing that they are getting the beta version, I am not totally finished with the beta as I still need to remake the strap for beta that is why it's not included.

As well new now have a theme hud that allows you to easily find themes you like or see what's new without launching the web browser!

at the same time all the menu has been reworked and picking a theme from the menu is just as simple with next and previous pages for themes, new reworked parents menu, the ability to call a friends menu from display name and lots of other fixes and remade mesh.

As well I have bee working with <:*BoOgErs*:> with some Killi's Magic and we have brought out the Boogers and Killi's Yummy Food Tray!

You can currently find this at ToddleeDoo Summer Fair and many other awesome items!