2 years ago

Some personal updates

As some people may know from my Facebook I have taken a little hiatus on making products but this doesn't mean I am not active in second life.

I have been joining up with some other creators and lending my scripting skills and should be seeing some more infomation here about this and some products I have helped have that Killi's Magic™.

You may have also seen that my marketplace store has been getting some new items, this is not me making new stuff, just trying to list all the new stuff I'm too lazy to finish or just put on marketplace.

Oh Oh OH! At current all my stuff is FREEEEEEEEEEE! on marketplace (apart from apparel) this is just temporary but may permanent let's see as I have closed up my inworld store and don't really need Lindens for much apart from uploading and shopping.


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PrincessCutey (Cutey Mode): I'm so sleepy ;-; but i think this is good news?! Yay!?2 years ago