2 years ago

Site downtime, updates and some questions answered

Why no blogs in like forever?

Okay first I need to apologze for no blogs for three months, I may be a programmer in my spare time but I work in retail in real life and finding time to keep up with Christmas shopping and holding back off the hordes of zombies I have had no time to post my going ons and updates.

Site Down Time?

During the next week or so I am slowly moving the site to a new cloud server as we have outgrown this little server as at our busy times we can have up to 70 people connected doing stuff and it can slow us down to a crawl.

I will make it clear when we will be down but this means all of the services that use this server like product updates, site signups, new pacifiers in world theme selection and syncing all could be down for up to two days.

I need to keep updated!

yes I understand and I don't wish to spam the blogs with each new prim I rez out but If you would like to stalk me and know what I'm doing day to day there is my twitter @killis_co or you could camp out at my store and watch me on the roof I guess but I'm mostly in other windows fighting with blender (Zombie Killi).

Give me free stuff!

Yes most of the time I post each blog with a new freebie item and I have some lined up but I would like the server move to happen first then make a new blog with them in it.

Beta Pacifier!!?

I know, I know I am slow with updates now being out for a year and still in alpha but I do have the beta version myself and I am currently working on it but sometimes I find a big flaw in the alpha and I keep needing to hand out a new version but soon as I have coded the new theme system for the beta pacifier (don't worry old themes still work) and made some updates to the script for size and position It will be out and then there will be cake!

As for the Halloween Competition winners, they know who they are... as there was a cash prize I did not want to post publicly who won!
I did intend to make a Christmas Competition but was not ready for this due to real life stuff but I hope to do one each season!

Lot's Of Love,
Killi (Muah xx)