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Web Pacifier - Halloween Theme Competition!

it's that time of year to start dressing up for hallows eve with going door to door and collecting huge amounts of candy and feeling sick the next day and to celebrate the coming of the season we are having a Halloween theme design competition and if goes well will do again for Christmas due to I won't be as active during the holiday's as working in retail sucks the life and any holiday spirit out of every person!


With the Halloween competition there will be a 2500L$ cash prize for the winner and three runner-up prizes for 500L$ and may also be some little custom gifts (but this is time dependent), all prizes are in Linden Dollar cash only and to the user that made the theme, themes are picked on creativity due to using likes/suckles as a vote may be inconsisten. Winners will be announced here on 30th October at no exact time.


Don't think as you have no creative bones that this is not for you, you could just crayon in the pacifier template (Found Here) using MS Paint and subbmit, you never know... we are all babies/kids ;)

Durring the current month the site theme may change around a little as would like to deccorate and make all halloween themes will be featured on the pacifier page!

I hope you have a wicked halloween and can't wait to see yourt themes,
Zombie Killi

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Darkfiremelanie: soooo where can we find the results2 years ago