2 years ago

Quick updates, Games & Candy Freebie!

Sorry for the delay with dealing with messages and keeping stuff updated I have been back and forward to hospital in real life and the pills they keep giving me keeps sending me to sleep.

To say sorry I have got a new freebie listed and some new products released and more to come.

As well I would like to highlight some awesome new themes by Joshy but my favorite one is the Sleepy Friends theme's and thanks for my custom theme (Here) I love it!.

I am currently looking for toddleedoo bloggers to advertise/sponsor with as second life marketplace has updated their search and this is taking a hit on my products, more so the pacifier and would love to help other bloggers and promote the web pacifier, If you own a blog or something you think I will be interested in advertising with please contact me via site links (DON'T CONTACT IN SECOND LIFE PLEASE).

Animated gif of game running

Something new I have created is a fully scripted Connect four style game called Let's Get Four that was one of the most hardest games to create in second life as scripting this had me scratching my head to keep low lag but at the same time detect if the game was won and highlight the winner, at the moment it's listed for 49L$ on marketplace but my inworld store has it for half price as this has to be played to really be enjoyed, FIND IT HERE INWORLD! (Shh it also explodes with chips when you win!)

Have fun playing,
Killi (Muah! xx)