Customs by Killian Jayaram

Customs Status:
Until I have finished current jobs (3/4)

In the background I have worked for many stores such as Boogers, Toasty, Moss&Mink, Lazo, Richmond Survival Camp and many more plus all the time working on my own products and bettering my skills. I only really do one project a month as not to impede my own store's creations but this is depending on how big a project you have in mind and this page should help you with any questions and ideas of price and time before contacting.

Little about me:

With over twelve years I have self-taught myself Blender, Linden Scripting Language (LSL) and photoshop for the needs of my own store and love to keep learning plus love to challenge myself with new skills. In real life I am a freelance Front & Back-end web developer and have been playing with code almost since I joined second life.

Mostly do scripting work but can also do some mesh items and texture work plus website integration with Second Life.

Things I don't do:
  • Breedables.
  • Adult Items.
  • Full mesh bodies/heads.
  • Clothes/Rigging.
  • Nuclear Weapons.

Plus anything that creates competition to my own store or products (Definitely no pacifier scripts!). Each request will be reviewed upon contact and no guarantee I can do everything.

Price list:

This list is more for reference and is not final but gives you an idea of how my prices are.

Script Price List
  • Menu - L$1,000
  • Sub Menu - L$1,000
  • Texture Change - L$1,000
  • Listen Channel - L$1,000
  • Object Manipulation - L$2,500
  • Object Comuncation - L$2,500
  • Notecard Reading - L$2,000
  • Inventory Management - L$2,000
  • Particle System - L$2,500
  • Vehicle System - L$5,000
  • Pose/Animation - L$2,500
  • RLV Functions - L$5,000
  • Object Rezzing - L$2,000
  • Experience System - L$10,000
  • Database functions - L$10,000
  • PHP/HTML/CSS Page - L$10,000
Example Basic Texture Change HUD
Texture Change + Listen Channel + Object Comuncation + Notecard Reading = L$6,500

Mesh Price List
  • HUD / Multi-faced - L$5,000
  • Small Object - L$5,000
  • Jewelry / Ornament - L$10,000
  • Small Furniture - L$10,000
  • Large Furniture - L$15,000
  • Plush/Sculpted Object - L$15,000
  • Animated Object - L$15,000
  • Vehicle - L$20,000+
  • Building - L$20,000+
  • Handheld Portal Device - L$1,000,000,000+
Mesh object prices are an example only and depends of level of detail and does not include textures.
(Basic AO will be included)

Additional Information:

I can't list all prices for everything and all prices are a guide and don't reflect the final price. The time frame will be given upon contact and go ahead. Work is started on a 50% upfront and final payment upon competition. All scripts are no modify unless stated and will be a fee depending on the script/s.

Scripts come with six-month support just in the case of second life changes functionality of LSL. Additional functions after work is completed will be charged per item/function and unless stated upon delivery will be placed back of queue for customs.

Refunds will ONLY be given if the work can not be completed in a timely manner or if I have to deal with real life and can not finish the project. Any script misbehaviors are covered by six-month support and are not refundable unless a goodwill gesture by me.


Please fill in as much infomation as possable so we can help you with your requests and I will get back in contact with you!

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